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The wonderful part about traveling to Brazil is that there are so many ways to enter the country. It has access to many other South American countries like Bolivia, Paraguay, Portugal, Peru, and so many others.

If you plan to visit Brazil, know that the high peak season for airfares to Brazil is around the months or December to February. During these months, fares could mean an additional $300 on your ticket.

If you are still a student, this would mean that you can avail of student discounts on travel fares, although in some cases, you might not be able to travel on high occupancy flights. Rather you will be given a flight on a less traveled time.

The most common means of entry by air into Brazil is through the Aeroporto Galeao or GIG which is located in busy Rio de Janeiro, and the Aeroporto Guarulhos or GRU in Sao Paulo. From these airports, you can easily take connecting flights to your final destination.

If you would like to go to Brazil by water, you can take a boat trip from Bolivia and it will take you about 5 days to get to Brazil. There used to be a passenger boat trip from Paraguay but this appears to have been stopped. If you are in Paraguay and would like to go to Brazil, you could try your luck on a cargo or naval boat, but it would really be a hit or miss chance.

There are also passenger boats from Peru that take about 10 hours maximum and costs anywhere from $50 to $80 one way.

Brazil AirportIf traveling into Brazil by way of water is not your thing, you can always go through a land route. Brazil is accessible by land from 9 countries. You can take public transportation like a bus or rent a car for the scenic route.

If you are planning to take a bus, one way to make the trip more cost efficient would be to take the local bus to the border, cross the border on foot, and catch a local Brazil bus to your final destination.

If you are planning to rent a car to drive into Brazil, there is a little red tape that you will have to go through. You will be required to sign a “Termo de Responsabilidade” which is basically agreeing to a specific maximum period of 90 days that you can stay in Brazil. This is to avoid the trading of cars between countries. Upon leaving Brazil, you will be asked to present the permit, and if you have overstayed, there is a big chance that the car will be taken from you and any bank deposit or guarantee you made upon entry will be forfeited.

Traveling to Brazil can be an adventure if you want. The route and manner by which you arrive in Brazil will ultimately determine your priorities. If you want to enter Brazil quickly, then a non stop flight into Brazil International Airport from your point of departure will be the fastest way in. If you are a tourist intent on enjoying the beautiful vistas and sights of Brazil, you are better off starting your holiday via a trip on a boat or car, leisurely traveling while enjoying the many sights of Brazil.

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