Places Of Interest in Brazil

Brazil is an amazing mix of nature, urban jungles, and happy people. Of all three, what makes it a special place, of course, is the people. Everywhere you go, Brazilians display this joy for life and love that is addicting and highly entertaining. You can see it when you go to the main cities of Brazil to the outlying areas far from the modern urban metropolis.

Here are some of the wonderful places of interest in Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro

Who can describe Rio sufficiently? It’s about the most alive city in the world. Not even New York can compare to Rio.

Rio is a city in the middle of a wondrous forest-covered mountain range with beautiful pristine blue beaches. The people of Rio have a zest for life which is obvious in the number of festivals and parties they hold every year.

Rio de JaneiroThe Carnival in Rio is the most popular of all festivities. Where in the world can you go parading in lavish but tiny wisps of costume? There are other places in Rio de Janeiro that celebrate weekly like Saturday at Ipanema Beach, soccer in Maracana, and an impromptu samba on the sidewalks of Leblon.

The natural beauty of Rio de Janeiro’s surrounding is breathtaking. From white sand beaches to rain forests and mountains, you have so much to admire and explore. Staying in Rio de Janeiro for a short period will always leave you longing for more.


Salvador da Bahia is a wonderful city which is known for being the Afro Brazilian jewel of the country. Some people simple call this city Bahia and it is the first colonized capital and one of the oldest cities in Brazil.

One of the most visited sites in Bahia is the 17th century center which has gold accented churches and is a living testimony of the grandeur and glory of its past as seen in its architecture.

Here in Bahia, you see so much vibrancy in the art and culture brought about by a strange mix of the African and Brazilian culture. For one, the sound of drums beating melodically is a familiar rhythm heard all around the city. Brazilians love their music, and in no other place is this more evident than here in Bahia.

The Carnival in Bahia is very different from the one you will see in Rio de Janeiro. For one, in Bahia, the focus of the carnival is the people having fun, not beautiful women scantily clad like in Rio. This Bahia carnival has been called the “World’s Largest Party.” This carnival is a feast that is held in February every year, and it covers kilometers and city blocks from miles around. The whole Bahia gets into the majesty and sheer exuberance of the Carnival.

In Bahia, there are also many amazing beaches that you can go to for fun, relaxation and recuperation. Porto da Barra is one of the more popular beaches in Salvador. If you are looking for peace and solitude, this is not the beach to go top, especially on a Sunday or during holidays.

There is too much to do in Salvador. Hanging out in the many beaches alone will make you want to extend your stay by several weeks. If beaches are your thing, you will never want to leave Salvador.

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