Brazil’s Natural Wonders

Brazil is the largest country in South America. It encompasses so much area which will account for the many highs and lows you will experience traveling to Brazil. There are dense rain forests, the famous wetlands, forests, grasslands, mountains, desert, and of course, the Amazon.

Being able to visit so many different kinds of ecosystems in just one country is fantastic! You won’t even know where to start. It’s like being given a smorgasbord of natural wonders.

Amazon Rain Forest

This is the best biodiverse spot on Earth. It covers over 1 million hectares and has an incredible amount of wildlife, greenery, and even people who have never seen a TV before. Here in the Amazon, about 1/3 of our entire line of animal species are found, including ¼ of the world’s fresh water source.

The flora and fauna of the Amazon jungle is incredible. There are bursts of color everywhere! There are parts of the jungle that still remain a mystery and untouched by man, except for the indigenous cultures that reside there. Here is life stood still, and it is just beautiful.

Atlantic Rain Forest

This forest includes many of the national parks of Brazil like the Parque Nacional do Itatiaia, Parque Nacional da Tijuca, and Parque Nacional do Iguacu.

Today, with the development of these parks, only 7% of the rain forest remained virgin.. Nevertheless, here in this amazing forest, live over 20,000 kinds of plants and it keeps growing. The multiple canopies of the forest allow for the rich vegetation and diversity of plants, trees, and flowers.
Amazon Rain Forest


This is the wetlands of Brazil that crosses Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay. There are so many different species of animals that live here and flourish under the wet and moist landscape. Some of the more famous animals that we know of live here like the man-eating piranha, the strong and fierce jaguar, and the colorful Toucans.

There are over 260 different kinds of fish and sea creatures that live in the Pantanal, and these diversity attracts the birds who enjoy feeding on the smaller fish.

The circle of life is never more evident than here in Pantanal, and you will be awestruck by the beauty of nature’s gift to the world here in Pantanal.

Fernando de Noronha

This archipelago consists of 21 islands. It has a very small population of around 1,500 people only. The total area of this national park is about 10 miles so you can imagine how tiny this place is compared to other national parks or even compared to the Amazon.

Tourists are allowed to visit this National Park, but they can only stay up to 7 days, and will need a permit to enter the park. There are very strict guidelines when inside the park because all efforts are being made to keep the park as natural as possible without damaging its natural beauty and sustainability.

Here in Fernando de Noronha you will experience a paradise of beaches and diverse marine life. Not only will you get to see many of the natural serenity of the islands, you will also get to enjoy swimming and savoring the sun kissed beaches and beautiful people.

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