Brasilia, Capital City of Brazil

In 1950, a man had a dream of a city that was to be the center of his country. It was a dream city that would be recognized the world over as on of the best cities in the world. This man was then President, Kubitchek, and the country was his beloved Brazil.

President Kubitchek got a wonder designer, Lucio Costa to put together a concept for a capital city that would be an urban legend as far as architecture and city design and zoning were concerned. Mr. Costa presented a concept that created a city after the shape of a cross as a symbol of possession. This was the beginning of Brasilia.

This capital city looks like a look into the future of cities. The whole idea of trying to create a modern paradise actually looks like it succeeded tremendously. Brasilia is a lovely capital city. It has practically everything done right, according to the book. The zoning is properly established, architectural buildings and designs were done according to the whole idea of being a capital city. You barely see any sign of chaos or disorder.

Brasilia is set on a plateau called the Planalto which covers over 5800 square kilometers including an artificial lake and wonderful rolling hills. This is the only city in the entire planet that was built in the 20th century yet garnered recognition from UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage.

Today, almost 60 years after the idea of President Kubitchek for a modern city, Brasilia is the place where the government of Brazil still holds office. It is a place where you still see order and richness all around you. The modern architecture is a testimony of the historical forecast of one man.

¨BrasiliaThere are many things to do and see in Brasilia. One of the most interesting places to visit are the Parque Nacional de Brasilia because they say that the two mineral springs here are medicinal and have healing powers. Now, you may not be sick, but visiting the springs just to see the people who believe in the springs is an inspiring experience.

The food here in Brasilia is also unbelievably authentic with exotic dishes that you probably never heard of before, much more tasted. You should try the kibe, paella, or the baba ganoush which are wonderful delicacies and meals in Brazil.

There are some awe inspiring building that are very cleverly constructed. For instance the Catedral Metropolitana Nossa Senhora Aparecida is a church designed by Oscar Niemeyer. From outside, the cathedral is really not a promising site at all, but once you enter, you will be struck by the beauty of the white marbled walls and altar, not to mention the stained glass which covers the ceiling and roof of the cathedral.

There are also some cultural museums and galleries in Brasilia like the Palacio do Itamaraty and the Memorial do Pavos Indigenous.

When the capital city was changed to Brasilia, many of the government employees had to transfer residence from Rio de Janeiro. However, many still preferred to stay in the old capital. If you compare the two cities, you will notice that in Brasilia, there is much to savor as far as modern conveniences are concerned, but Rio de Janeiro still boasts of an active and vibrant night life never seen in Brasilia. In other words, Brasilia is devoid of the noisy night life most often associated with living in a capital city, but then for many residents in Brasilia, this is exactly what makes Brasilia so special.

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